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More by Brandie specializes in bringing wellness, through the lens of mindfulness, to people in various capacities. Brandie is a Speaker, Workplace Facilitator, and Coach, that provides a space for teams and people to improve their well-being.

More by Brandie's flagship program, brings mindfulness in the workplace by engaging teams to build a greater workplace culture. Mindfulness is proven to be an effective approach to improve workplace well-being, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. Essentially, mindfulness is the practice of intentionally paying attention to the present moment, without judgment or distraction.

Brandie takes mindfulness and pairs key behavioral skills to improve teams overall performance and wellness. In the workplace, mindfulness can be used to enhance focus, decision-making, creativity, and communication. It can also help reduce stress and anxiety, increase resilience, and foster more positive relationships among colleagues.

Overall, incorporating mindfulness practices into the workplace can lead to a more positive, productive, and healthy work environment for employees and employers alike.


I found your seminar was very helpful. You shown me different to relieve stress

Amplify Credit Union, Workplace Session

The session was amazing and calming. I'm feeling so optimistic now about being able to create mindfulness. Thank you so much!

Amplify Credit Union, Workplace Session

Very informative session.   Definitely gave me valuable insights for myself, but also items that I can focus on with my Teams to be sure we're implementing the Mindfulness activities, especially if I know a team member is having a hard time with an issue or situation.  Thank you!

Amplify Credit Union, Workplace Session

Brandie led an amazing session that was easy to engage in and enlightening. The scheduling process was seamless, and she related well to our audience.

Marsh, Workplace Session

Brandie provided an open space to review resources for stress management and mindfulness. One of the common threads in the initial feedback was your relatability. After seeing many internal leaders host or discuss various initiatives, having someone external was a breath of fresh air to many colleagues.  

Marsh, Workplace Session

AMAZING! You delivered everything we hoped for and more. Thank you so much for the work you do to support Black women and others in the workplace. We appreciate you for being a part of our event and working with you was such a smooth process.

The University of Texas School of Law, Thurgood Marshall Legal Society, Workplace Session

I thoroughly enjoyed this session and forcing myself to calm my mind and start my day off feeling calm, relaxed, and intentional.

Marva, Mindfulness Session

Very authentic & explains in a way we could understand. 

Krystal, Mindfulness Session

The workshop was excellent.  And I really enjoyed taking the time to put your methods into action during the session.  And I plan to use them going forward.

JP Morgan Chase, Workplace Session

Working with Brandie has been absolutely great. Brandie has provided so much valuable guidance! She has given me great tools to sit down and be more intentional about life and how to achieve my goals. Having Brandie on my team to keep myself accountable is exactly what I needed to discover my worth and stop the self-doubt. I am so lucky to have such an amazing friend like Brandie. She is truly inspirational!

Teresa, Mindfulness Coaching

Brandie's willingness to listen while I share my daily struggles and aspirations, is such a blessing. Instead of judging my life, she took it upon herself to guide me by providing resources. I needed guidance on how to build my career path and she encouraged me that anything is possible. She displayed so much positivity! She reassured me I could get through it and come out with way more. It’s such a blessing to have Brandie a part of my life.

Jeneane, Mindfulness Coaching

Brandie has been a catalyst in helping me to step into my best self. She allows you to be vulnerable, validates your emotions and where you are in life, yet gently forces you to not get stuck and helps you focus on solutions. She holds space for where you’re at while simultaneously helping guide you to a better place. She has helped me to feel like a leader in my own personal life, and her presence alone helps me feel stronger. Her perspectives, insight, and writing tools have guided me to heal and step up in my life. She is a great leader, and I would highly recommend her to help you maximize your abilities and healing.

Hanna, Mindfulness Coaching

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